Hi, I’m Kia

Hi, I’m Kia

Ever since I was old enough to get pocket money, I remember going to the hardware store rather than the sweetshop.

There, I would spend hours looking at batteries, cables and anything electronic. It was a great time!

My father used to hate the fact that I was taking his radio apart (and put it back together again) without his knowledge. Over the years I learned more and more about tech.

I think this was the catalyst for my career now. I’m 100% self taught & happy to help others with their tech enquiries when I can.


MacJunky was started in 2007 after I found there was a need for a company to bring simple to understand, non geeky Apple IT Support to The Netherlands.

For years you had to deal with IT people that just didn’t understand your specific needs. I take my work very seriously but have a laid back approach. There’s no need for complications or fuss.

I’ve been supporting Apple Macs for 27 years. My first company in the UK had 7 staff. Even before that I was freelancing and working with businesses ranging from design companies to music studios to TV networks & every kind of business in between.

IT Solutions should be made simple to understand, very powerful but most of all easy for the client to use.

Not Just Another Apple IT Guy!

Many project have been custom built to suit the client & although the Apple Ecco system is my main focus, I have worked consulted on many different projects: web design, SEO consultancy, AV studio installations, database programming and much more.

So if your looking for an all round technology guy, well, you might have just found him!


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