Theo Geerding

Quick and good service. Tells U everything upfront, no surprises. He is not the cheapest but certainly delivering a good quality job.

Will see him again if needed.

Stefan van Dijsseldonk

Stefan van Dijsseldonk

Very Honest and helpful!

Emile Steginga

Emile Steginga

Prima geholpen bij mijn Apple Macbook Pro, moet even clean install doen, maar dan zou alles moeten werken!! 🙂

Kia weet tevens ook veel af van apple software.

Denise Notermans

Denise Notermans

THE best! Fast and expert! Lovely dog too. My mac is like new.

Via email: My mac is in excellent shape thanks to you!

Marie B

Snel en zeer deskundig geholpen nadat mijn imac gecrasht was. Kia hield me goed op de hoogte van wat er moest gebeuren en van de kosten.

Prettig om mee te werken.

Lyn Tanilon

Lyn Tanilon

Kia saved our precious moments in life and our state of mind! Our iMac was running so slow and the storage was full.

Hire this understanding, honest and very talented and man if you too want to be saved.

(Not saved in the Jesus kind of way – saved in the “OMG! thought I lost all of our pictures and vids moments!!).

Thank you Kia!

Kees Hendriks

Kees Hendriks

Snel en vakkundig geholpen door Kia van MacJunky.

Mijn laptop crashte aan het eind van de middag en een paar uur later kon ik hem gefixt weer ophalen. Hij is weer als nieuw.

Kia heeft me hiermee enorm geholpen! Super service!

Rachel Beers

Fijne ervaring.

Wij zijn goed geholpen, vooraf goed geinformeerd over wat de kosten zouden zijn. Computer loopt weer als een zonnetje en lijkt wel nieuw! Bedankt!

We komen zeker terug maar hopelijk niet te snel. 😉

Jan Zeinstra

The only way Kia could improve would be by cloning himself.

Great service, fair price, professional and honest work.

Also, a very nice person.

Charlotte Koenka

Charlotte Koenka

My Macbook Air was sounding like a lawn-mower — never a good thing when you’re freelancing on a tight schedule. MacJunky saved my day.

Kia was able to see me, a few hours later. Locate the problem, the fan was off keel. And restore my computer to full working glory.

Thank you!

Cleopatra Boumans

Cleopatra Boumans

Een geweldige man die alles voor je terug tovert, heel veel verstand heeft van wat hij doet en super snel te werk gaat! Binnen no-time heb je al je verloren gegevens weer terug.

Daarnaast geeft hij ook advies voor in de toekomst, beter kan niet.

Ik zou hier zeker langs gaan!

Christel Mijers

Christel Mijers

Hi Kia, as you recommended, I went to the Apple Store today and they confirmed that my MacBook has indeed a known 2011 problem (I believe she said video card) and they will fix this for free!

Thank you so much for your honest advice!!!!

Mark Schenkel

Kia actually forwarded me to Apple without charging me as the problem should be fixed by them for free.

(A fault in several macbook pro models).

Thank you very much for your honesty!

Wolter Muller

Wolter Muller

MacJunky was a great help and very quick. He cleaned out my MacBook and replaced the battery.

I feel confident to be working on my MacBook for quite some time to come.

Great work, great advice and service.

Thanks again MacJunky!

André Günther

André Günther

Deus ex machina!

Kia (MacJunky) popped up in my desperate search results on a Tuesday evening after my laptop had crashed and left me with an unfinished deadline, no data (backup was corrupted as well) and sheer despair.

His calming voice and friendly manners comforted my disturbed soul and promised a fixed laptop and data recovery for the day after: deadline and laptop were saved as vowed, the price was reasonable considering the threatening impact of empty hands during a presentation and I personally thank him for answering the phone long after office hours.

This help was desperately needed, skilfully executed and came just in time. I would recommend him for any emergency Mac situation, knowing that one day, I might have to call again…

Thanks, Kia!

Niek Grootendorst

Aardige gozer. Hij kon me helaas niet helpen met mijn probleem omdat de reparatie de kosten niet waard zou zijn, maar hij heeft me wel goed advies gegeven.

Jeremy Tweedt

Jeremy Tweedt

Just awesome!

My Macbook gave up on me on my first day of work, I contacted MacJunky and was able to bring my computer the same day and got it back the next day with a brand new hard rive.

I recommend MacJunky with flying colors.

Dmitry Badiarov

Dmitry Badiarov

Kia! Oh, dear! You saved me months, if not years, of work by getting that data out of my dead TimeCapsule!!

I was so much relieved to see my old but extremely valuable data back. Now I am ready to go ahead with all that has been planned.

It was lovely to meet you and Woof and I hope we meet some time soon like friends, not like a client and a business.

It was a thoroughly pleasant experience meeting you.

Thanks a lot!!! !!! Have a great day!

Pablo Lopez

Really good service! I phoned Kia because I had problems rebooting my MacBook after reinstalling the OS X.

He was immediately available, giving the diagnosis in short time. Unfortunately, there was no easy fix so he had to replace the whole HD. Still, after a few hours I had my laptop back to work.

Highly recommendable.

Cas Stielstra

Cas Stielstra

MacJunky heeft me top en snel geholpen.

M’n Macbook pro uit 2012 was opeens uitgevallen, maar Kia had hem snel weer aan de praat en hij werkt weer perfect