Apple Mac Data Recovery

If you are in the unfortunate position where you are faced with data loss please get in touch as soon as you can.

  • Internal & external hard drives
  • USB stick
  • Backup drives
  • ZIP diks
  • DVDs & CDs
  • And more…

Get Your Data Recovered


MacJunky Review by Apple Mac Data Recovery "I quite like Kia. Not only is he an English gentleman with horn rims who occasionally sports a beard, there is a waft of rare early elamite sophistication surrounding his personality. "

- Arne Biesma, Amsterdam

What Could the Problem Be?

  • Spinning cog sticking on start up
  • black screen on start up
  • blue screen sticking on start up
  • Stuck on Apple Logo on startup
  • Flashing folder on start up
  • Operating system freezing up with coloured wheel spinning
  • Kernel panic message (please switch off machine)
  • Clicking sounds from HD
  • Lost files or photos
  • Disk is unreadable by this computer
  • Do you want to initialise the disk?
  • Hard drive cannot be accessed
  • R/W error on hard drive
  • Spinning ‘beachball’ on start up
  • Stuck on Apple Logo
  • Flashing folder with question mark
  • System freeze

The Technique

Apple’s file systems are different to those used by PCs (FAT & NTFS etc.), which means that standard data recovery methods will not work for Apple Macs.

Because of this, I have developed my own Mac data recovery technique, and in most instances I am able recover your data.

The 3 Phases of Data Recovery

Using state of the art hardware-based and software-based data recovery tools my data recovery process involves 3 distinct phases:

  • I will check in your drive (or Mac) and perform a detailed evaluation of its condition
  • You will be contacted with the results of the drive evaluation and quote
  • The data recovery process will commence and you will be informed with updates as the recovery progresses after your confirmation


Generally the faults I see with the drive are not always the fault of the user but merely something that can just happen.

Sometimes a partition can become corrupt and unreadable or develop bad sectors.

Another common cause for data recovery is when data is accidentally deleted or a hard disk drive is reformatted by mistake.

This gives the impression that the data is lost, however it can be recovered if handled correctly.

Please Note

If you hear any sounds coming from your Mac or hard drive, please stop using it immediately, as it could make the recovery worse if not impossible.

Get in touch and lets make an appointment to bring the unit in for a quick diagnosis.