Below you will find some recommended software that can help you with any issues your Mac might be having.


This is a Remote app I use to help you remotely.

Download Remotix QC


This app is indispensable! It’s a cloud based backup solutions that’s only $50 per year & with unlimited space. It also has a very secure feature where you can add your own key!

Download Backblaze


If you believe you have Malware on your Mac, this is the app to use to eradicate them all!

Download Malwaarebytes


Although Macs don’t get as many viruses as PCs there is never a time to believe that Macs ‘never’ get viruses! So download this app and it’ll help get rid of them for you.

Download ClamXav

MacJunky Pro

This is a proactive support service that reports issues on your Mac before you even know you had them.

Download the MacJunky Pro app