Mac Repair

No matter the issue with your Mac whether it’s a MacBook, iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro, I’m sure I can find a solution & repair it.

  • Keyboard not responding
  • Mac not booting
  • Slow system
  • Failed hard drive or SSD
  • RAM / memory problems
  • Fan noise
  • And more…

Get Your Mac Repaired


MacJunky Review by Mac Repair "Een zeer rustgevende gedachte dat er in Amsterdam iemand is met kennis van Mac-zaken en bovendien een superaardige man. Zeer aan te bevelen om in je adreslijst op te nemen!"

- Gerard Cevaal, Utrecht

Mac Not Booting?

If your Mac isn’t starting or running slow, it could be an issues with the hard drive or System. I can diagnose the issue and repair it for you, so you can get it back in time.

Liquid Damage

Have you just had a ‘liquid’ accident with your MacBook? No matter the type of liquid it’s best to have the unit taken apart and cleaned before the unit suffers irreparable damage.

Please follow the steps below to help with the issue, then make contact for an appintment.

  • Immediately Shut down your Mac by the power button
  • Unplug the mains adaptor right away
  • Keep the MacBook open and turn it upside down
  • Place it on a towel
  • If possible, remove the battery
  • Keep the unit in a dry warm place
  • Contact me to make an appointment.

Keyboard, Trackpad & Battery

If your Trackpad stops working it could be that the battery is swollen and causing the Trackpad to not function. I would strongly suggest that you get the battery checked out before it causes more damage to the unit.

Flashing Folder Icon

This basically is the Mac telling you that it can not find the start up disk. The start up disk is your Hard Drive (HDD), or in the newer Macs the SSD.

One we have an appointment I can then test the unit out for you and fix the issue, so get in touch.

Noisy Fan

Having a fan working properly is vital to any Mac, if the fan stops the unit will heat up to such an extent that it could damage the internals of the Mac and you’ll find that the Mac will automatically shut down.

Get in touch for an appointment then I can repair or fix the fan issue for you.

Hard Drive Problems

If you find that your Mac is running slow, it could be an issue with the hard drive. If it’s an older Mac then I would strongly suggest that the hard drive be replaced.

As a note; The more you use the Mac while it has a hard drive error the more likly that you could loose data, so please get in touch to get this fixed as soon as you can.

Mac Repair Service

  • Battery not charging
  • Power connection issues
  • Cracked display or glass
  • Front glass repair
  • Case dents or other damage
  • Failed optical drive
  • Broken connectors
  • Lines on display
  • Broken logic board
  • And much more…