Mac Upgrades

Upgrading your Mac is one of the best, cost effective ways to give it a speed boost & keep the unit fresh and working for years to come.

  • Speed up your Mac
  • Keep your Mac ‘current’
  • Use more applications
  • Better productivity
  • More space & faster!
  • And more…

Upgrade Your Mac


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- Arne Biesma, Amsterdam

System Upgrade

Doing an OS upgrade is usually done when there is a new System released by Apple, but sometimes we all forget to upgrade to the latest due to our workloads.

But this can be one of the best ways to keep your Mac fresh and current.

SSD & Flash Storage Upgrades

I can replace your existing internal hard drive with a new Solid State Drive (SSD) to dramatically improve the speed of your machine.

…or add a larger Flash Storage to your MacBook Air if you originally purchased a small drive direct from Apple.

RAM Upgrades

Having more RAM in your Mac can speed up the performance of your unit 3 fold.

RAM is used by the Mac to hold more application in it’s memory so that the unit can run faster without having to read and write to the hard drive.

This is also an inexpensive way to make your Mac run smoother.

Larger Hard Drive

Space on your hard drive can always be eaten up with large files, things like Movies, Photos, Music and even your work files.

Having a larger hard drive can take the load off of the drive itself and also help with speed boosts with the System.

Also as your unit gets older the hard drive, because it is spinning pretty much the whole time, can get worn out, so having a new larger hard drive can help in all sorts of ways.

Optibay Upgrade

An Optibay drive upgrade kit enables the installation of a second hard drive or SSD drive.

This can be placed in the DVD optical drive bay with a special adaptor.

The optical drive is then placed into a USB-powered enclosure so it can be used externally as needed.