MacJunky Pro

We live in a world where our technology needs to work for us at all times. After all, time is money, so how much time & money would you loose if your Mac stopped working right now?

The old way of waiting for you Mac to die or your Apple Server to malfunction and lose data is no longer a valid solution. What you need is a proactive approach to Apple support.

And that’s why I created this new service. I call it MacJunky Pro.

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Be Protected, Always!

  • Proactive priority support
  • 24/7 monitoring of your Mac
  • Unlimited support via email
  • Backup/Time Machine checks
  • Hard drive checks
  • SMART status checks
  • MacBook battery status checks
  • …and much more!

Your Mac Will Thank You

The many Businesses I support have been using this remote support tool for a while now & it’s been working great in keeping their OS X Servers & Macs running without any issues. Now it’s time to offer it to you & your Macs.

No More Downtime!

MacJunky Pro is a service that checks your Mac every hour 24/7 remotely & securely then reports on any errors that may happen, before your Mac fails. Simple & very powerful.

MacJunky | No More Downtime

No more downtime, no more searching Google to find someone who can help ‘right now’. No more lost clients & no more lost money!