Hourly rate €120 Onsite support, Consultation etc.
Hourly rate €80 Standard repairs
Half day €450 5 hours to include 1 hour break
Full day €900 9 hours to include 1 hour break

MacJunky Pro Service

  • €120 Per year per Mac
  • €240 Per household (Max 5 Macs)*
  • €360 Per year per OS X Server (Extra services included)

*Home users only

Click here for more information about The MacJunky Pro service.

Data Recovery

Data recovery €399 Per physical drive up to1TB
Diagnosis fee €99 Per physical drive

If I’m is able to recover any data you will only be changed the recovery fee, if however no data was recovered you will only be charged the diagnosis fee.

Drives with more than 1TBGB of data will be charged €120 per 1TB thereafter.

No Call Out Charges

There are no fixed call out fees, you simply pay from the time I leave my office on the KNSM-Laan to the time I leave your location.

Remote, Email & Telephone Support

Remote, email & telephone support is charged at the respective hourly rates noted above and invoiced in 30 minute blocks.

Mac Repairs & Upgrades

If your unit can be fixed within 2 hours then you will only be notified once the repair has been done.

If however the repair requires more time and/or parts, you will be contacted after the first hour.

So you will always know what the full repair cost would be before the repair is done.

This service/rate is only valid for repairs at the workshop.


  • All prices quoted are subject to 21% BTW
  • All rates are subject to change without notice
  • Onsite support has a minimum of 2 hours depending on location
  • Terms and privacy policy are listed respectively