Not just an Apple guy, but a technology consultant.

If you need Apple help, advice or tech support, simply… Get in touch

My work isn’t just Apple advice for businesses, freelancers & home users. I also help people with technical issues from web design and coding to helping people with productivity with their Macs.

Apple help & advice

If you have any questions regarding your Mac I’d be glad to help. Also unlike other service providers I travel to your home or office no matter the location & help with the following…

  • Mac running slow
  • Mac health check
  • Virus & Malware problems
  • Internet/WiFi issues
  • iCloud help
  • Mac, iPhone or iPad setup
  • And more…
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Apple support for your business

Helping businesses, freelancers & pro users is my specialty.

Whether you need the occasional help or require the system in your company to be maintained, I can help cover the gap.

My focus is on proactive support & not the ‘break-fix’ model where [some] IT consultants wait for something to happen before it’s dealt with.

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Apple training

Training can be a great way to learn new things on your Mac. It can also make your life a little easier when using your Apple devices.

  • Photo archiving
  • PC to Mac
  • iPhone & iPad setup
  • iCloud advice
  • Calendar & Contact sharing
  • And more…
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Mac upgrades

Upgrading your Mac is one of the best, cost effective ways to give it a speed boost & keep the unit fresh and working for years to come.

  • Speed up your Mac
  • Keep your Mac ‘current’
  • Use more applications
  • Better productivity
  • More space & faster!
  • And more…
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Mac repair

If you have a problem with your Mac then get in touch. No matter the issue with your Mac whether it’s a MacBook, iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro, I’m sure I can find a solution & repair it.

  • Keyboard not responding
  • Mac not booting
  • Slow system
  • Failed hard drive or SSD
  • RAM / memory problems
  • Fan noise
  • And more…
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Data recovery

If you are in the unfortunate position where you are faced with data loss please get in touch as soon as you can.

  • Internal & external hard drives
  • USB stick
  • Backup drives
  • ZIP diks
  • DVDs & CDs
  • And more…
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